It is tempting to finish an article title with "and you should do too".

It's great to have opinions, but what's even better is to know when they matter, and when they really really don't. Don't argue with your team over names or spaces, if the discussion happened once, deal with it. You'll achieve nothing by pointing out how you disagree each time you can.

Social medias sometimes make us believe that we have to speak whenever we have the opportunity to. Because some people have interesting things to say, we might believe that what we have to say will matter too. Not always.

You'll learn more when you listen than when you speak.

I'll always find something to learn, things I have no idea about, and some specialists make a living out of it.

Question everything, but don't criticize just because you can. Create your own opinion about subjects, but don't always share.

Published over 2 years ago