How to not launch an app


This is by no mean the truth, it is a set of ideas and guidelines I personally adhere to and want to follow. I have been wrong so many times, I wouldn't be surpised if that was the case again. :::

Because there is so many reasons not to launch an app!

I am still trying to figure this stuff out. I kinda roughly know how I would like to do it. That reflects how I am sure I don't want to do it

Wait for funds

Just wait until you got a couple millions from some fundings. Think about it. If you launch a very simple version now, you might:

  • get profitable with your first 10 paying customers keep the full
  • ownership of your company not lose 5 years until you realize this
  • project does not worth it

Just wait until you got enough money. Don't start anything now.

Make sure your code is perfect

Imagine how awful it would be to have code deployed that violate the Single Responsibility Principle, or any other abomination? No! Rewrite this code so it is perfect, has full code coverage, and does not use any (confirmed or hypothetic) anti patterns Launching your app is all about the perfect syntax of your code

Update to the latest version of *

Wait a little, because Laravel 5.3 is just around the corner. Or Vue 2.0. Or maybe another framework, language, anything might be out and you'll miss it if you ship now.

It will get criticized

Nobody wants to see his idea or project being torn into pieces. Think about it, all your effort, and this guy just said that it doesn't worth it. "Write the best code possible today and be completely unattached to it and willing to delete it tomorrow." Imagine if this would apply to your project? OH NO!

Maybe it will not work?

Yeah, you don't want to face an absolute failure. What would that say about you? Better to hold off until you find the Next Big Thing.

I hope you are now convinced that you should not launch your app. Ever. It's way too dangerous.

Published almost 3 years ago