Why writing is good for my work

I decided to start this blog for two reasons

It will help me think about my work, and it might help some people who will read it. I am by no mean a seasoned developer, I have at most 2 years experience, but I don't think that every articles should be highly technical or written after a minimum of 10 years experience.

As a PHP developer, I benefit a lot from the community, and if I can do the same for at least one person, that's good enough. It will do for me anyway, getting my hands off the code and thinking about it.

The way is see it, it is very similar to the Gherkin syntax. Gherkin forces you to think in a more human way when writing tests, so you are completely off the code and you are not already thinking about the implementation of the test or the design of the application. Well, writing about code can have the same benefit for your work. Domain Driven Design is about modelling a business into objects and messages. Writing a blog is for me kind of the opposite, taking what I do everyday and explaining it for humans.

As said, I took a lot from the community, from people like Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way, Chris Fidao, Eric Barnes, Matt Stauffer, Shawn McCool, Adam Wathan and others (sorry I forgot a lot of them). Thanks to them, I am improving everyday. PHP have a nice community and they are a good example to follow. It worth's it to head to one of their blog, to subscribe to their podcast and to buy their product as it will help you. I feel like a fanboy, but I like the idea of using social media to actually say thank you and to tell people that their time investment matters, and that they made me a better programmer.

You can write as well, even if it is too scary to publish it.

Just for yourself.

The open source concept is beautiful, sharing and benefiting from others work, but it is also hard when you are a beginner like I am and you fear the judgment of others upon your work. What's the point of investing hours in a work when somebody can just pop up and say that, hey, it's cool, but there is already this library, or you shouldn't do that it violates some who knows what principle. While it is true and not often done to offense, it is still hard to release some personal work. Writing a post about why you are using or not this trendy design pattern is already something.

At least it'll help me

I will be writing for myself, I know it will help me think about my work and my design, but you are welcome to participate. And if somebody already talked about it, I'll be happy to follow the link and read, that's just another good opportunity to learn. And even when we think that some words said or written might stay, I am free, in the future, to think of myself as a fool and then I will realise how much I have improved.

That wasn't too hard, not a single line of code, but it has already helped me.

Published over 3 years ago